Building Links Through Quality Outreach & Earning Backlinks

Building Links Through Quality Outreach & Earning Backlinks

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Backlinks | 0 comments

Outreach, when done right, can help you burn some quality backlinks. However, it doesn’t mean spamming the recipients with the link requests. The five tips below cover how to create a good outreach campaign and earn backlinks.

1. Create resources worthy of links:

Outreach campaigns aim to earn links rather request them. To earn links, create resources that are backlink worthy. A few examples include:

  • Infographics:

Infographics act like magnets for backlinks. Create one for your industry and share it in your outreach campaign with the recipients. The acceptance percentage for backlinks is usually higher than for other resources. Use a tool like canva to create them.

  • Research and statistic reports:

Compiling a collection of research reports and industry-specific statistics can take a lot of time. However, once you publish such a post, you can reach out to others in your industry for their opinion on them. At least a few of them will link back to it and blog about it if you do it right.

  • High-quality guest posts:

Research and discover the content gaps in your industry. Compile a list of post titles that cover that content gap and pitch those to reputed websites in your industry. Doing so will certainly help you bag guest post opportunities and, therefore, links.

2. Personalize outreach:

Creating link-worthy content is one part of an outreach campaign. The second part involves reaching out to the prospects. To do so, always follow tips like:

  • Personalize your outreach messages.
  • Keep the outreach messages short.
  • Always highlight why you stand out from others seeking linking opportunities.

3. Overwhelm recipient with value:

Provide so much value through your emails that the recipients have no option but to reciprocate. Some examples of providing value include:

  • Statistics
  • Infographics
  • Header images
  • Research reports
  • And so on

When you’re ready to provide information and value for free, a large number of recipients will reciprocate and provide you linking opportunity

Pro tip:

Provide value right from the email subject. Use email subjects like “Attached study reveals how….” This will lead to a higher open rate and help you with quality back links.

4. Use multiple mediums to outreach:

The general perception is to create email outreach campaigns. However, apart from that, you can use other mediums like:

  • Social Media:

Social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to contact prospects and stand out from the crowd. Keep your messages short, though.

  • Help a reporter:

Help a Reporter is a website that connects journalists with professionals who can help them. The journalist will list down their requests for a quote or information, and you can provide the same to them. They are likely to link back to your website to grow your credentials.

Since such journalists often request information, you need to just provide them with the required information and gain a backlink. This minimizes the need for extensive outreach.

5. Pitch different solutions:

Earning backlinks through outreach doesn’t just involve guest posts. There are a few other solutions that you can pitch in exchange for a backlink.

  • Unlinked mentions:

If a brand or a website has mentioned your website/company name without linking to it, you can request them to link to it in return for more information or a quote.

  • Broken links:

In case a blog/website links to a competitive source that was taken down, you can pitch your own resource/company to link to for greater details.

Pitching such diverse solutions helps you reach out to more companies and bloggers.

Such quality links can help you with SEO and most of the ranking of your website. Stick to the guide above, and you shouldn’t have a problem outranking your competitors.